Meadowbrook United Church
Our Mission
 As followers of Christ, the “Meadowbrook United Church exists to glorify God and to live out God’s purpose for salvation by reflecting the unconditional love of God through dynamic Christian worship, mutual care & support, active community engagement and proactive servant leadership, working towards peace and harmony in community”.



December 9, 2018

10:30 A.M.



Welcome to Worship


(We gather in God’s Name and in these opening moments, let us centre our spirits on God.  Before the service, speak to God.  During the service, let God speak to you.  After the service, speak to others about the Good News.)

Theme: “Five Words That Could Change Your Christmas: Give.

The season of Advent provides many opportunities to give, not just materially, but of our very selves, as exemplified by the wise men in Scripture.


The Gathering of God’s People


As We Gather                                 


Opening Praise                                “Give Thanks to the Lord”            


Advent Candle Lighting                               (Please see screen)


Advent Song                                    “Joy to the World” (vs 2)


Preparation for Prayer                  “Jesus, Name above all Names”


Prayer of Thanksgiving & Adoration


The Lord’s Prayer (Spoken)


Welcome and Celebrations


Meet & Greet                  


Songs of Praise                                               Led by Praise Team


Tithes and Offerings


Family News


Song                                                   Sisters Lorenae and Candace


Act of Infant Dedication                              Yara-Sky Guthrie            

Aaronic Blessing


Sharing Joys – What has God done for you lately?


Songs of Worship                           Led by Praise Team         


The Written Word                          OT: Isaiah 55:1 – 3

                                                            Sister Danele Bennett

                                                           NT: Matthew 2:1 – 15

                                                            Sister Candace Hayden


Praise in Preparation            “Give thanks with a grateful Heart”


The Spoken Word                          Sister Karen Francis       



Closing Praise                                  Led by Praise Team