Meadowbrook United Church
Our Mission
 As followers of Christ, the “Meadowbrook United Church exists to glorify God and to live out God’s purpose for salvation by reflecting the unconditional love of God through dynamic Christian worship, mutual care & support, active community engagement and proactive servant leadership, working towards peace and harmony in community”.




August 13, 2018

7:30 A.M.


Theme: “When our struggle is with faith – When we really want a “yes”, but God says “no”.How to prevent the kind of disappointment with unanswered prayers that leaves us cynical about matters of faith.”


Call to Worship                                              (Please see screen)


Processional Praise                        “Come into His presence”


Responsive Psalm                          Psalm 62: 1 – 8

                                                            Brother Kashief Barton



Opening Praise                                “’Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus”


Preparation for Prayer                  “Here my cry O Lord”


Prayer of Thanksgiving, Adoration & Confession             

                                                            Brother Howard Chin

The Lord’s Prayer (Father HoLung’s Version)


Welcome and Greeting Time


Family News


Act of Infant Dedication               Djimon Adama Henry

                                                            Jai Ashley Poole

                                                            Jemimah Elizabeth St Ville

                                                            Samuel Juan Ethan St Ville

Aaronic Blessing


Tithes and Offerings


Buss a Praise                                    Youth Praise Team


The Written Word            OT: Psalm 106: 1 – 15

                                             Elder Vanna Lawrence

                                             NT: 2 Corinthians 12: 7 – 10

                                             Brother Daniel Battick


Preparation for the Word            Youth Praise Team


Run Wid Di Word                           Reverend Norman Francis           


Response to the Word                  “Better is One Day”




Recessional Praise                          “Ain’t No Rock”